My Dear Friends,                      2015年1月29日
  私たちはDAISH(日本ではISIL or ISISと呼んでいます)によって拘束された二人の日本人ジャーナリストと一人のヨルダン人のニュースに接し、深い悲しみに包まれています。








"With deep feelings of sadness we have received the news of the two Japanese journalists arrested by what is called DAISH, also one of our Jordanian has been arrested by them.   

All Jordanians and all true Muslims condemn strongly the execution of one of them.

We all extend our sincere condolences to their families and to every Japanese person.

I want to assure you that what has happened; absolutely, is not Islam. It is not the instruction, manners and doctrines of Islam.

Really; here in this part of the world, we still do not know who DAISH is?! Who is really behind them or controlled them?!

We believe that they are working under the name of Islam just to distort the vision of Islam in the world.

Again we are Strongly Sorry for what has happened.

Accept please our feelings and condolences."


Sincerely yours,